As if Eddie Izzard’s Monty Python-inspired stream-of-consciousness comedy routines weren’t weird enough, the dude has to do it in drag and then remind us that he’s not gay – just a straight guy who just loves performing in pantyhose and heels. Still, Izzard’s oddball delivery – a lengthy strand of tangents about British history, vacuum cleaners, and Wikipedia – and label-defying stage presence hasn’t seemed to deter even the most mainstream audiences from falling in love with this zany fop... In 2000, he won two Emmy awards for his HBO special Dressed to Kill, which rivals Eddie Murphy’s Raw for urine-inducing laughter (you can watch a clip from the performance above). Since then, he’s endeared himself to audiences with his character on FX’s The Riches, where he plays the husband part of a con-artist married couple that has stolen the identities of a wealthy Southern family who died in a car crash. And now he’s receiving rave reviews for his latest comedy tour, Stripped, in which he delivers his own delirious history of human civilization, from Evolution to the French Revolution. Izzard will be bringing his show to Cleveland’s Playhouse Square on May 23 and 24. For more information, call 216-241-6000 or visit Izzard’s website. --Denise Grollmus


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