What the Cavs have to do win Game 6


Step 5: Find DeShawn Stevenson's Gatorade, and ...
The Cavs blew a golden chance on Wednesday to seal up the Wizards series at home and wait for the Boston Celtics to dispatch of the Atlanta Hawks. Instead, the series, now 3-2 in Cleveland’s favor, is heading back to Washington with momentum seemingly on the side of the Wizards. That being said, I think the Cavs wrap up the series tonight and finally take care of business. Here are some things that must happen for that for them to be playing Game 1 in Boston on Sunday instead of Game 7 here, which would, as they say, suck. ... 1. Stop taking so many jumpers. LeBron especially. When this offense (and I use that term loosely) is at its best, it revolves around LeBron driving to the hole and Z using his surprisingly nimble touch around the rim. When this offense is at its worst, the Cavs stand around watching LeBron dribble the ball beyond the three-point arc and wait for picks from Z and Anderson, which typically leads to a double-team on LeBron 30-feet from the hoop, which typically leads to something bad. 2. Speaking of jumpers: The Cavs were a little three-happy during Game 5, even though they only took 25 shots from beyond the arc, three fewer than in Game 4. The difference, I guess, is that in Game 4 the Cavs nailed 13 of those 28 attempts, and in Game 5 they only landed 9 of their far-flung shots. Many of those shots in Game 4 looked to be in the rhythm of the offense, and, of course, they were draining them, so that was good. LeBron’s three-point hoist with the Cavs up by 5 points and about a minute left in Game 5 was definitely ill-advised. So: chill out on the threes. Unless you can make them. In which case, fire away! 3. You know that guttural reaction you have at home when a player is about to do something quite foolish. Well, whenever Anderson Varejao touches the ball, Quicken Loans arena is a cascade of that slow growing, “Nooooooooooooooooo,” which arises in the fear that Andy will try to shoot or, even worse, dribble. It’s a valid response, as Andy often looks about as coordinated as a drunk mule. So: Do not let Varejao touch the ball on the offensive end. It scares me when he touches it and I have to switch the channel to the Food Network or something to calm myself down, and I end up missing something. 4. At the end of the first half of Game 5, the Cavs had three turnovers in a row on offense. Mike Brown sat passively on his chair, apparently happy to be within striking distance of a win, and content to talk to his team in the locker room. Also, he admitted after the game that there was no “play” on the final possession. Merely the directive to LeBron to “make a play.” And when somebody questioned why Z didn’t get more touches in the final minutes with the Cavs up five, Brown admitted that it was his fault because he never called the big guy’s number. He’s gotten out-coached so far in this series, and it’s time for him to make some adjustments when called for. 5. Dispatch of DeShawn. Seriously. Dude's annoying. So before the game, have Sasha sneak in the visiting locker room and poison his Gatorade. Cyanide: Is it in you, DeShawn? Is it? -- Vince the Polack


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