Cleveland makes another appearance on 30 Rock


Tina Fey won't move to Cleveland until we get an IKEA.
There are many reasons why C-Notes loves “30 Rock” – for its wit, for Tina Fey, and for its endlessly loving riffs on Cleveland. In last week’s show, our fair city once again played a prominent role. Liz Lemon’s (Fey) old flame Lloyd is stuck in New York, due to inclement weather caused by annoyance: global warming. A tornado has struck a Cleveland street, taking out “a bowling alley, two liquor stores, and a liquor store museum.” ... After the exes spend a long, romantic night wandering the city streets, Lemon sighs and expresses regret over her decision not to move to Cleveland. “What does New York have that Cleveland doesn’t?” she asks. “I heard they’re even getting an IKEA.” But the writers of “30 Rock” understand our city so well. Later, as Floyd and Liz’s romantic days turn sour, Liz declares: “I’ll move to Cleveland when you get that IKEA … never.” Floyd’s face falls, as he realizes the truth of her statement. Our city is one of false promises and deflated dreams. And if we truly want that yummy boysenberry juice that only IKEA sells, we’re probably just have to keep sucking it up and travel to Pittsburgh. – Rebecca Meiser

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