Meet Delonte West, the funniest dude in the NBA


Judging by the way you’re burning that Paul Revere oil painting while your buddy paints your entire body wine and gold, you’ve heard that tonight the Cavs and Celtics are kicking off Round 2. We were eternally pleased to see that Cleveland got Boston, not for any super-strategical reason, but because it gave us a tenuous excuse to play the above youtube clip. See, Delonte West was on the Celtics when he filmed this get-to-know-the-player video. And while most players take these types of opportunities to describe their cherry-red Mercedes Benz or shout-out their publicist, West solidifies his reputation as one of the wierdest dudes in the NBA. Take his answer to the standard “What will you be doing in twenty years?” question: “Twenty years from now, you’re going to see me riding in a drop top hummer buck naked with some ankle socks on and a headband on—Boston Celtics headband on—standing up driving from Boston to California. That’s what I’m going to be doing.” But see for yourself: ... As an added bonus, check out his response to a question about switching balls mid-season: When it comes to can’t-lose youtube searches, West might be in the same league as Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Norm MacDonald. And that’s hallowed ground. – Gus Garcia Roberts


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