Vincent Carbone: An indictment didn’t keep him off the Orange school board


Getting indicted for bribery is such a common occurrence among politicians in these parts, it’s hardly worth mentioning on a resume. But it does take a special talent for a businessman to get indicted – while still receiving government contracts and maintaining an elected position. For this unprecedented trifecta, we salute Vincent Carbone as Northeast Ohio’s Politician of the day. (Winners receive a used duffel bag from Play It Again Sports suitable for carrying large sums of cash or the upper torso of a rival.) … Carbone, you may recall, was the president of R.P. Carbone Construction. In 2006, prosecutors indicted him for allegedly bribing Elyria businessman Larry Jones to get work on Lorain's Justice Center. Yet that didn’t stop his company from keeping its multi-million dollar contract to help manage the building of Cuyahoga County’s new headquarters. Meanwhile, as he awaits trial, Carbone is still blithely serving as a member of the Orange City school board. True, he was elected in November 2005, before the Lorain indictment was filed. But in normal cities, bribery allegations would tend to tarnish a politician’s reputation – especially when he’s supposed to be supervising the future of our beloved children. Clearly, different standards apply here in Jimmy Dimoraland. If you can put your nephew on the county payroll, why not an indicted guy on the school board? —Lisa Rab


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