Cleveland schools want teachers to go through metal detectors


It’s been a rough year for Cleveland teachers. Even by the standards of one of America’s most chaotic districts, students are beating on them at unprecedented rates. The district has responded with the usual crime fighting solutions. It’s increased security and installed video cameras and metal detectors. Each day, students pass their way under the all seeing door frame. The theory goes that punches are far less harmful than gun shots or, say, sword wounds. So by making it harder to get those things inside the school, the place will become a safe haven for learning… But administrators now want teachers to walk through metal detectors too. If you work in the land of danger, the thinking goes, it’s only a matter of time before someone goes postal. Yet administrators are also behaving like congressman – passing new rules that apply to everyone but them. Under the plan, principals and administrators will still be treated like adults. Only teachers will have to pass through detectors. “This totally degrades us,” says one veteran teacher. The union is quietly taking up the issue, hoping to deal with it behind close doors (hopefully with knives) before the proposal gets legs. – Bradley Campbell


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