Biking Cleveland: It sucks less than you think


An artist's rendering of Cleveland, circa 2014, when an oil shortage has forced Cleveland commuters to pedal their Schwinns down the inner-belt.
According to Bicycling Magazine, Cleveland is not one of the worst cities in the United State for bicycling. That’s a cause for celebration, for it gives Clevelanders one more reason to rock spandex in public. And it sure seems as if is one of the first national rankings in years that does not place our little Haditha by the Lake near the bottom of the heap, alongside our brethren in Detroit and Gary. ... The news came smack in the middle of our very first bike week -- that’s this week, folks, seven days set aside to crank down on pedal power. Already there is a load of Bay High school students pedaling to class, and downtown, C-Notes saw a business person riding a commuter bike after work in a long sleeve shirt and tie. It gave us hope that the Cleve could one day -- like in 70 years when we run out of oil -- become the Amsterdam of the Rust Belt, without all the pot and hookers. (Or with. We’re cool either way). Much of the positivity surrounding Cleveland’s bike-i-ness has to do with the snazzy Towpath trail and the multi-purpose trails in the Metroparks (Rocky River is one of our favorites). There’s also a big hullabaloo happening this Friday as another section of the towpath trail opens to the public, winding its way through Old Brooklyn. Still, making Cleveland a viable place to bicycle is an uphill climb even that one-nutted home-wrecking rubber-bracelet freak couldn’t conquer. And not rating the Cleve as one of the worst cities came as a surprise, we have to admit -- especially after a weekend bike ride from Lakewood to the zoo. We haven’t seen such anger, honking, and outright vitriol thrown our way since we accidentally said something that sounded sort of like “Go Steelers” at the Browns game. – Bradley Campbell


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