Money Where Your Mouth Is: American Speedway


Philadelphia’s American Speedway said they’d share their free beer with us if we let them explain why you need to spend Friday night with them. The rawk quartet plays the kind of dirty- rusty-nasty that grows in Cleveland like so many wonderful weeds. In fact, the band and their fans are big PBR fans, so they’ll fit in fine. Hell, we’d probably go see them even if not for the free beer. Read on for their pitch. -- DX Ferris Band: American Speedway Web: Hometown: Philadelphia Sounds like: “Zeke, Supersuckers, Motorhead and AC/DC -- loud, heavy and fast, kick-ass real rock and roll.” For fans of: “Beer, loud, heavy and fast rock, fist pumping, beer spitting, sing-along chants and hot chicks who like to party.” Fun fact: “At a recent show, the bar sold four kegs of Pabst Blue Ribbon and 39 cases of PBR Pounders - and that was for about 100 people. We're a party on wheels!” Playing Where/When: 8 p.m. Friday, May 16 at the Jigsaw (5324 State R State Rd., Parma, 216-351-3869). Why you need to see them: “’Cause we are one of the most played new artists on Sirius, and we'll give you a much-needed dose of real rock and roll.” -- Chris Callahan, drums


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