Cleveland Heights family to appear on Wife Swap


Wife Swap, the TV program where wives swap families for two weeks to live in each other’s homes, is one of ABC’s best performers. And it’s easy to see why: The children and husband usually end up pleading for their real mom/wife to come home. For the unappreciated women (read: pretty much everyone) the show is like porn. A Cleveland recently couple got to see what this forced separation was like… Steve and Marlee Brown, owners of Shoparooni in Collinwood, live in Cleveland Heights with their 11-year old son, Zane. By day they sell accessories like necklaces made out of scrabble pieces and ironic trucker hats decorated with butterfly prints. By night Steve is also a professional yo-yo player who’s most well-known for doubling for Owen Wilson as a yo-yo stuntman in Zoolander. The family, you could say, is rather non-traditional. To commemorate their engagement, the duo bypassed the usual wedding rings. Instead, Marlee got a tattoo of a carrot on her left finger, while Steve got a matching rabbit on his own. To make for better TV, producers tend to match families from different orbits – Kentucky rednecks swap moms with Orange County trophy wives, etc. Neither producers nor the Browns will talk about their episode, but the show will air on ABC this fall. – Rebecca Meiser

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