The LeBron James Leave-o-Meter has overheated


The Latest Sign of Impending Doom: The Cavs got bounced in the Eastern Conference semi-finals by the Celtics after losing game seven 97-92. LeBron James scored 45 points while the rest of the team managed just 47. After the game, LeBron told reporters, “I think what we have is very good, but we need to continue to get better, we know that. If that means some personnel changes that need to happen, then so be it. The teams around us in the league are continuing to get better." How it Went Down in Cleveland’s Mind: “Imagine that. The King goes off for 45 points and the role players can’t even come through. LeBron shot 14-29 from the field. The rest of those overpaid schmucks? 16-38. No one besides Delonte freaking West scored in double digits. Who would stay around for that? Really? If Danny Ferry doesn’t go get LeBron some verifiable All-Star talent to help him next year, you might as well kiss the King James era goodbye. LeBron will be playing with Team USA this summer in the Olympics, and, once again, he’ll see what it’s like playing with guys that know what the hell they’re doing when they have the rock in their hands. If he comes back to the Cavs after getting that gold medal and still has to go to battle with the likes of Ben Wallace, Anderson Varejao, Sasha Pavlovic, and Wally Szerbicaidakaiacack, he’s going to get real angry real quick. Not to mention, he’ll get to see how an offense is run, and it might make him reconsider his trust in Mike “Just give the ball to LeBron and get out of the way” Brown. Who would blame him? Fire everybody. Trade everybody. We’re so hosed.” The LeBron James Threat Level is: lebron%20threat%20level%20modell.JPG


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