Buy American Flags made in America, or get 60 days in jail


Senator Bill Seitz is pretty sure we can make these decisions on our own
When it comes to window-dressing legislation, Bill 316 is the French blinds of the Ohio Senate. It would require that all American or state flags sold in Ohio be made in the U.S. Nevermind that the bill violates international trade treaties. Or that avoiding foreign goods requires slavish anti-materialism not seen outside of Berkeley. When it comes to the Ohio legislature, reality has the same battting average as Travis Hafner... But count Don Workman among the thread-sellers who won’t be worrying about the $500 fine and 60 days in jail that come with violating this exemplary piece of empty symbolism. Ameriflag, Inc., his Old Brooklyn store, buys its wares from the far-off land of New Jersey. “It’s like mom and apple pie,” says Workman. “It’s just something you don’t import.” Fortunately, the rest of us won’t have to worry about it either. Like so many other unenforceable bills, it’s stuck in committee, held up by senators like Bill Seitz, who prefers to think shoppers can make such calls without the overlords in Columbus. “I support truth in labeling,” says Seitz. “If you can read, you can make that decision for yourself.” – Caleb Hannan


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