Cleveland: Pleasant drivers who are good at obscene gestures


So our roads may be permanently potholed, we lack basic things like turning lanes, and the Euclid Corridor will probably not be completed till 2020. But Cleveland drivers have something to cheer about. Turns out that despite all of our problems, we’re really, really nice. For the third consecutive year, AutoVantage surveyed drivers in 25 cities to discover America’s most courteous – and obnoxious – drivers. Cleveland drivers were the 5th most polite, up from 7th last year. According to the survey, Cleveland motorists were least likely to observe others running red lights or slamming on their brakes at the last minute. But it also seems we’re proficient with insults. Seems Cleveland we also ranked 2nd in the nation for making obscene gestures at other drivers. Which we totally understand, since that stupid motherf#&*er who cut me off on Chester this morning… -- Rebecca Meiser


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