Money Where Your Mouth Is: The Michigan City Vandals


Every week, C-Notes lets a band do the talking and plug its own show. Because it’s too easy to just goof on a group ‘cuz they have “Michigan” as part of their name. Even if they’re from Chicago. Read on for the Michigan City Vanda's pitch for why you should check them out at Roc Bar Cleveland this weekend. Band: The Michigan City Vandals Web: Hometown: Chicago Sounds like: “Radiation and rainbows” Recommend for fans of: “Shark Week, Formula 1, penicillin, and a good shillelagh” Fun fact: “When playing in rural areas we like to ‘borrow’ riding mowers and make MCV crop circles. So needless to say, we have been called into suspect for more than one crop circle incident. This fact happens to be true, and can be cross-checked on our police records.” Playing Where/When: 8 p.m. Saturday May 24 at Roc Bar Cleveland, 1204 Old River Road, 216-771-6655, Why you need to see them:”1. Because the guy who’s been trying to serve you a subpoena probably won't be there. 2. To justify wearing a rubber. 3. To piss off your parents. 4. So that the next morning you can blame the Michigan City Vandals for where you woke up and who you woke up next to. And 5., because Kirk Cameron hates them and thinks they are going strait to hell.” - Miss Fortune, bass, vocals & criminal propaganda


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