The Terrence Hough case: It's safe to say this reader believes in the death penalty


How did they get the O.J. jury to come to Cleveland?
Apparently, the OJ Simpson jury had a nice vacation in Cleveland. 12 morons decided not to give Terrence Hough (the fire fighter who killed three people and injured two last july 5th) the death penalty. He killed three young adults who were making noise after midnight. He decided to grab a fucking 40 caliber and shoot 5 unarmed people, because calling the police and have these guys arrested apparently was too light of a punishment, right? ... To those 12 assholes of the jury: Thank you! You have taught Cleveland to not do the right thing. You have shown us that killing is allowed as long as you are really pissed off! We condone that in this city. After all, he was just having such a bad day. So when one of your own children gets whacked by some asshole who was having a bad day, and all that asshole gets is a pat in the back, you'll get what you deserve, you fucking morons! Will Linares Parma Heights

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