They may not smell so good, but Oberlin students are applying their trademark zealotry to conservation


In Oberlin, you do not want to be naked in front of this creepy guy.
Most people measure their conservation by recycling milk cartons and walking instead of driving to the corner Speedway. Students at Oberlin, however, rarely fit into the category of “most people.” The college has applied its trademark zealotry to all things green. Every year, students organize a contest to see which dorm can limit its water use by spending the least time in the shower. Last year, according to The New York Times, the winning dorm didn’t shower for two weeks. [Note to readers: If you ever want to date again – at least outside Oberlin -- we do not recommend this method.]… But a few students don’t think that blowing off showers goes far enough. So this year, they decided to live like Daniel Boone and compete to see who could be the most self-sacrificing green. To save electricity, roommates in one house all studied in the same room. They reused their shower and sink water. And to encourage shorter bathing times, they hung a picture of John Edwards from the ceiling. In Oberlin, it appears that guys with $400 hairdos give being naked a creepy vibe. And worst of all, they got rid of their television. How they could survive without watching the NHL playoffs is beyond us – and to some former Obies. “I could never do that,” says one ‘03 graduate. “I really like my hair dryer.” -- Rebecca Meiser


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