The Geek Squad provides tips on how to survive Sex and the City


Although we do not understand it, it seems some people (read: guys who will be dragged along by their girlfriends) are not excited about the Sex and the City movie. In fact, they’re downright dreading it. “I’d rather have one of my balls removed with a very sharp object than to sit through this movie,” says one friend. So the Geek Squad is coming to the rescue. A group of male techies, armed with “Sex and the City” survival guides, will be circling major metropolitan movie theaters. The survival packets -- which they’ll be handing out free-- contain helpful CliffsNotes about the characters, as well as time-tested excuses to get out of going to the show, ones guaranteed to work on the unsuspecting sweetheart…. Example: “I promised my mom I’d call her when we got to the theater” and “I think I saw my old college roommate in the lobby – that guy owes me $50.” If it’s too late for the excuses, the Geek Squad will also be passing out quarters – so guys can at least get some video game action in before embarking on a two-hour chick fest. Check out the Geek Squad’s first immersion effort above. –Rebecca Meiser

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