This Just In: Ashlee Simpson pregnant, not coming to Cleveland


Enjoy that tummy now . . .
Ashlee Simpson canceled her upcoming House of Blues gig, forcing us to cut this totally awesome preview I wrote for this week's paper: Ashlee Simpson has made some great singles (“Pieces of Me”) and some annoying ones (“Outta My Head [Ay Ya Ya]”). For a while there, it looked like she was going to avoid her big sister’s stumbles into tabloid territory and actually make music a priority. But then she hooked up with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, got a new nose, and made Bittersweet World, a kinda-blah record that jumps all over the place in search of a sound. We’re not sure how all of this will play out in concert, but Simpson shaped her career while TV cameras were rolling, so she knows how to engage an audience. She even made that lip-syncing gaffe on Saturday Night Live a few years ago a buzz-worthy event. She must be doing something right. --Michael Gallucci


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