Canton lays the hammer down on people who don't mow


Mowing the lawn has always been kind of a pain. That’s why most parents pass the responsibility on to their sons as soon as possible. Or don’t do it at all. The latter choice hasn’t gone over so well in Canton. On Monday, the city council unanimously passed a rule making lawn-mowing a law. People who don’t keep their grass manicured can be fined $250 and jailed up to 30 days. It’s the same penalty you’d receive for abusing an animal in Ohio... Local authorities don’t see the fines as excessive. Apparantly Canton, just like the rest of Northeast Ohio, is feeling the aesthetic burden of the foreclosure crisis, with evil bankers failing to maintain the homes they've repossessed. “To an outsider I understand this might appear harsh,” says Adam Herman, a spokesperson for the town, “but I invite any of them to live on one of these streets where grass grows two-four feet in the summer.” Herman insists that this new law isn’t directed at “the old women who are too weak to mow their own lawns” but rather absentee landlords and the banks who’ve taken over foreclosed homes. “The city spends $250,000 just mowing other peoples’ grass every year,” he says. “If we’re going to be burdened with the cost, we should be passing on the responsibility to the people” who’s fault it is. Note to unemployed teenagers: Two hundred fifty thousand dollars is a way lot of money. Now’s the time to start passing out those lawn mowing service fliers. --Rebecca Meiser


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