Prisonshake releases new album. Now it's your turn, Axl


Cleveland indie-rockers Prisonshake have been working on their third album for more than a dozen years now. It’s finally coming out on August 26. As a Scat Records (which was founded by Prisonshake frontman Robert Griffin) press release puts it, Dirty Moons is “an underground-rock Chinese Democracy, maybe, but with less drama and way less money.” The 18 tracks on the album were made between 1995 and 2007 by Griffin, singer Doug Enkler, and various other musicians. Some were recorded live in the studio; others were labored over. The ones we’ve heard combine the indie-rock thrust and melodic sting of Prisonshake’s 1992 EP, Della Street – one of the best-ever records to come outta Cleveland. We can’t wait to hear the whole thing. --Michael Gallucci


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