Money Where Your Mouth Is: We Be the Echo


We're letting Frisco’s We Be the Echo pitch their show at Pat's in the Flat's this weekend because, 1) We’ve never heard the terms “brutal” and “prog” used together, 2) they sound alright, 3) they sure as shit sound better than the Mars Volta, who suck 4) Pat’s in the Flats is a great place to spend the evening 5) a year or two from now, you’ll be spending $17 to see them at Peabody’s, so get on the bandwagon early, and 6) they perform rippin' covers of TV themes, from Borat to Knight Rider. OK, so we pitched it for them, which is good, 'cause they're not big talkers. But read on for the details. -- D.X. Ferris Band: We Be the Echo Web: Hometown: San Francisco Sounds like: “Brutal-shred-prog-punk.” Recommend for fans of: “Mars Volta, Don Caballero, Lightning Bolt.” Fun fact: “All facts are fun.” Playing Where/When: 9 p.m. Saturday, June 7 at at Pat’s in the Flat’s (2233 West 3rd, 216-621-8044). Why you need to see them: “We will sonically disembowel you with shred-prog and TV theme tunes.” -- Grumbles



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