PD's Pluto shockingly level- (and smooth!) headed about sports blogs


In the growing debate between the mainstream sports media -- mascot: a giant-headed, froth-spewing Buzz Bissinger -- and the sports blogosphere -- represented by an angry band of bloggers in Deadspin T-shirts, all of whom are highly skilled in the art of the dick joke -- it’s always interesting to see on which side of the fence big-time print guys fall. Thankfully, the ever reliable folks at Cleveland sports blog Waiting For Next Year posted a pretty lengthy and comprehensive interview with the PD’s Terry Pluto this week, and beyond sounding quite reasonable on the internet/media debate, he also heaped some pretty high praise on sports blogs: ...
“The only thing that I don’t like that the blogs can do is get personal and attack people. They do not have to worry about facing who you write about, and it’s similar to talk radio but on the internet. That bothers me. Everyone has opinions, so that doesn’t bother me. What bloggers do a lot better than we can is analyze a game. Say it’s a night game. When I write on some of the Cavs game, I’m forced to start without even having a final box score. I use some notes, and often times these pieces are done in 20 minutes. Some guys that can crunch the numbers without the deadline - and is good at it - these guys will come up with better analysis than I will. And I respect them. The depth of the analysis is great, as they’re not quite as rushed.”
Read the full interview at Waiting for Next Year. -- Vince the Polack


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