Think tank says Ohio is struggling. Think tank needs more original material


The report's executive summary.
Yet another exhaustive study has confirmed what even your average ninth grader now fully understands: We’re f%$#ed. The Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) this week released a report entitled “The Stress Test: A State By State Assessment of America’s Economic Health and a Prescription for Change." It’s a top-50 list of the worst states when it comes to financial health. Ohio came in third. Hey, at least we beat Venezuela! ... CAF, a "progressive think tank," compared the joblessness rates, foreclosure filings, etc. of today with those same numbers in 2000, the year that goofy trust-funder took office. (This just in: progressives don't like W.) Ohio earned CAF’s Bronze medal thanks to that doomed steamboat, the S.S. Foreclosure, and the bankruptcy filings it left in its wake. Also, it seems we’ve seen the highest growth in in-state tuition costs, which means fewer kids can go to college, which means we’re likely f$%#ed for some time, unless that whole “change we can believe in” thing actually works. The only good to come out of CAF’s report: we weren’t the worst state in the union. That honor goes to Michigan, providing Ohio State PoliSci majors with one more piece of ammunition come football season. -- Caleb Hannan


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