What are Ted Strickland’s chances of being Obama’s VP?


Ted Strickland: He's not really VP material, is he?
If you worried that Ohio would slip out of the spotlight in this year’s presidential race, never fear. Our governor will make sure we hog it for at least awhile longer. Ted Strickland’s name has been tossed around for months as a possible vice presidential candidate, but his status as a die-hard Hillary fan always put a damper on his chances. Luckily, in politics, friendships last about as long as a Chiclet. So yesterday, Strickland issued the obligatory press release endorsing Obama... Pundits will inevitably swoon over Strickland’s status as the governor of a swing state, whose heaviest support comes from Appalachians not inclined to vote for a black guy. The PD also reported yesterday that no one seems to blame the governor for Ohio's economic problems, which were hurtling toward ruinous long before he arrived. But for a campaign pushing "change," Strickland's not exactly human fireworks. Thus far, he proven himself to be a vaguely competent, cautious governor, which is a huge step up for Ohio, but not the stuff that ignites national passions. Think of your Uncle Harry who's a very pleasant, skilled plumber. He's great to have around if your sewer's clogged, but do you think people in Arizona will go out of their way on a busy Tuesday just to stand in line and vote for Uncle Harry? Maybe not so much. —Lisa Rab


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