Mad Money’s Jim Cramer praises a green Cleveland


This man is not nearly as obnoxious as originally thought.
You may not realize this, but Cleveland is way ahead of the green curve. So says, a Seattle environmental group that ranked Cleveland one of the 12 most green cities in the country. Seems we have more community gardens than most, and most of our new housing has been deemed “energy efficient.” We’re second only to Los Angeles in the number of new construction units that are officially certified as “green” by LEED-ND, a non-profit that rates new homes on their eco-sustainability… Indeed, our focus on a green future has even caught the eyes of economists. Jim Cramer, the very loud host of CNBC’s Mad Money, claimed at an economic meeting in New York yesterday that the future is not in Silicon Valley – but rather “Cleveland Valley” – a name he made up to describe the Midwestern focus on eco-engineering. Cramer cited new Midwestern technologies like “windmills with blades the size of 747 wings” as proof of our forward culture. “When you look at the companies that are innovating, they're in the Cleveland Valley,” he said, to much harrumphing. Have we mentioned recently how much we adore Jim Cramer? – Rebecca Meiser


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