My House is Worth What? is coming to C-Town


Cleveland may be drowning in foreclosures and plummeting property values, but that doesn’t mean your misery can’t be televised! In a few months, some folks from Hollywood will arrive to teach us how to get the most out of our homes — while conveniently ignoring the boarded-up crack house down the street… The producers of the HGTV show My House is Worth What? (see an example of a Baltimore episode above) are looking for people who want to have their homes professionally evaluated on air. Realtors will estimate the market value, then give you tips on whether a new kitchen counter or renovated basement would raise the price. Granted, we’re not sure the experts will know what to do with a three-bedroom in Slavic Village that’s missing all its windows and copper piping, and has a crew of 15-year-old morons selling crack on the porch. But associate producer Nicholas Baker assures us that “there’s no exact price point” needed to qualify. Which means those handyman’s specials selling for $810 on eBay are still in the running! Local filming is slated for October, but the deadline for applicants is June 30, so click here to apply. --Lisa Rab

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