The horror! Coke product found on Oberlin campus!


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Drink this at Oberlin, and you're supporting murder
With its ultra-liberalism and eco-consciousness, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the things that Oberlin College is officially against. Take Coca-Cola. Since 2004, the school has officially banned all Coke products from campus due to the soda company’s alleged human rights violations in Colombia. In 2001, the International Labor Rights Fund filed suit against the company, claiming it hired death squads to murder, torture, and kidnap union leaders at its South American bottling plants… Until the issue is settled, Oberlin has declared that only Pepsi products will be sold on campus. So near hysteria broke out last week when a few bottles of Vault – an energy drink produced by the Coca-Cola company – were found in a vending machine. Campus services received “dozens” of calls from furious students demanding the removal of the offending item, an Oberlin spokesperson claims. To Obies, drinking a Coca-Cola beverage is kind of like endorsing murder. In response, food representatives immediately removed all Vault from the machines, replacing it with Diet Mountain Dew. Vending reps apologized for the mistake, and school spokespeople informed Scene that they will now screen all beverages more carefully. – Rebecca Meiser



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