Who will be Cleveland's Next Top Model?


Two months ago, C-Notes brought you the premier of Cleveland’s Next Top Model, a hilarious parody of the WB reality show America’s Next Top Model, in which five Cleveland wanna-be models compete for a $1,200 modeling job at Sears. In the first few episodes, Deb was eliminated because of her “bony legs,” Pam for her “old age and thin veins,” and Kristin because “she’s a bitch.” Now it’s down to the final two contestants: Lizette, a skinny stripper-type, and Kathy, a “plus-sized” 29-year-old who still lives at home. The competition, as one might assume, is super-tight… In above episode, the two contestants must complete a complicated runway walk over a kiddie pool. If Kathy wants to win, she must confront her lifelong fear of water. “I’m very afraid of water,” she cries. “People should be on land where they can breathe.” Will Kathy be able to overcome her fears? Or will Lizette claim the crown? – Rebecca Meiser

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