Money Where Your Mouth Is: Psychostick at the Jigsaw


Occasionally, C-Notes picks the show but lets the band do the talking. This time: Arizona’s Psychostick, because they play metal, and they’re funny. And ha-friggin’-ha if you just said, “Uh, ALL metal is funny.” Read on for their pitch and the details -- D.X. Ferris Band: Psychostick Web: Hometown: “Tempe, AZ” Sounds like: “Psychostick's music is the sensation produced by the stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium, organized into melody and harmony emitted by instruments and vocal cords.” Recommend for fans of: “Primus, Machine Head, Evacuate Chicago.” Fun fact: “One fun fact about the band is that the band is from the Phoenix area in Arizona, and yet the only of the group that is actually from there is Alex, and he does't even live there anymore.” Playing Where/When: Sunday, June 15 at the Jigsaw (5324 State Rd., Parma, 216-351-3869) Why you need to see them: “If you enjoy metal and/or comedy, our shows are a haven for both. But we truly excel because in my experience, we are the only band out there doing exactly what we are doing. So, if you want to see an original show, both heavy and comedic, come see us!”-- Alex Preiss, drummer, part-time songwriter


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