Tribe: More injuries, more call-ups, more drinking to dull the pain


Victor Martinez will be placed on the roster by someone named Yamid Haad.
Victor Martinez and Josh Barfield will be joining Jake Westbrook, Fausto Carmona, and Travis Hafner on the DL. Victor’s got some elbow issues (once again, something that has bothered him for a significant period of time but only recently announced by the team), and Josh Barfield hurt his finger. Like the ninth inning of Monday night’s game, when Joe Borowski quickly turned a manageable 6-5 deficit against the Twins into a 8-5 no-doubter, I am pretty numb to this news. Ho-hum, another loss, another injury, another Eric Wedge facial-hair style. The Tribe called up catcher Yamid Haad and infielder Jorge Velandia,both alleged baseball players. Haad was swatting .159 in Buffalo, so, I would imagine unless Kelly Shoppach loses an arm, we won’t be seeing much of him. Just for fun, here’s a lineup your Cleveland Indians could trot onto the field. Obviously, this would never happen, but at this point, I wouldn’t put it past Eric Wedge. Nor would I blame him for trying. ... Catcher – Yamid Haad Third Base- Andy Marte Shortstop – Jamey Carroll Second Base – Jorge Velandia First Base – Ryan Garko Left Field – David Dellucci Center Field – Franklin Gutierrez Right Field – Shin-Soo Choo DH – Jhonny Peralta The fact that these players are even on the roster at the same time for this preposterous hypothetical situation makes me want to cry. I’ll just drink instead. – Vince the Polack


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