Mic Check: Jack Johnson at Blossom Music Center on Tuesday


Would rather be surfing.
Say what you will about Jack Johnson: He’s boring, all his songs sound alike, you pretty much gotta be smoking a doobie to come down to his laid-back level. But not too many artists can make the slack lifestyle seem so effortless. Dude’s a surfer, an outdoorsman, and an environment-loving peacenik. He was even born in Hawaii. All of this comes through in his music. Johnson has released four albums since 2001 (not counting his Curious George soundtrack). Each one has gotten increasingly shaper and tougher. His latest CD, Sleep Through the Static, is decidedly his most rocking-out record – but you really wouldn’t know it, since Johnson’s idea of rocking out is turning his amp up to five for a couple of songs ... Still, he’s inspired a whole pack of Dave Matthews fans and college students to get a little greener. Johnson’s current tour is an eco-friendly jaunt that gets fans involved with interactive booths and community activists at each concert stop. So be sure to get to tomorrow night’s Blossom show a little early and help Johnson save the planet. --Michael Gallucci Jack Johnson plays Blossom Music Center (Blossom Music Center, 1145 West Steels Corner Road in Cuyahoga Falls) at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 17. Tickets are $24 to $39, available by calling 216-241-5555. For a preview, listen to “Good People” below.


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