Pissed about the port? Tonight’s a rare chance to scream about it


In May, Scene took a long look at the mammoth undertaking that would be moving Cleveland’s port from the Warehouse District to East 55th street, freeing up downtown waterfront property for frothing-at-the-mouth developers. At a glance, it sounds like a good idea. But this is a project that has all the ingredients of another Cleveland city-planning disaster. Think Euclid Corridor—tons of hyperbole, cronytastic maneuvering, decades of delays, and, of course, a steadily inflating price tag, predicted by some experts to end up at double the city’s initial $600 million estimate. ... Not reassuring is the fact that the port board has been skulking around this plan like cat burglars. They’ve had only one public meeting, in February, and comments were limited to two minutes—or just enough time to spit out, “Let’s move this port, and as an aside, isn’t Jimmy Dimora a doll?” If you’re still waiting to speak out, the long-awaited second meeting has arrived. We received a flyer from Councilman Joe Cimperman (the only Cleveland politician we’ve heard word of in weeks, by the way—are all the rest still in Paris and we didn’t notice, in the inverse of the plot of Home Alone?) announcing that the meeting will be held at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (6928 Detroit Ave.) from 6:30 to 9 PM. No word on whether the same time constraints will be placed on public commenters, but here’s an idea: if officials try to interrupt you, speak louder. If they try to restrain you, start punching. And perhaps, while you’re being tazed, mention something about black helicopters buzzing your grandma’s house. That sort of thing tends to make these meetings a lot more exciting. – Gus Garcia-Roberts


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