Al Franken heads to Shaker Heights for Senate fundraiser


"What? There's no direct flight to Shaker Heights?
In an election year, celebs who ordinarily couldn’t locate Lake Erie on a map suddenly seem to find our humble swing-state mecca irresistible. A few months ago, Don Cheadle stopped by to support Barack Obama, and even Sean Penn has stopped by, to lend some Hollywood credence to Dennis Kucinich regularly scheduled ego-stroking. Next week, it’s Al Franken’s turn. Franken, known for his comic genius as Stuart Smalley on “Saturday Night Live” and his progressive radio show on Air America, has finally switched over to the dark side of politics, officially making him way less funny than he used to be. He’s running for a U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota, and quickly learning that trying to be a politician is way harder than just making fun of them. ... So he’s coming to Shaker Heights next Monday for a fundraiser. Senator Sherrod Brown, Governor Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, and some other Dems will be there. Let’s face it: None of them are good enough, smart enough, or as gosh-darn likeable as Franken. But they’ll probably empty their wallets for the guy, and tell him they thought Searching for Comedy in the Middle East was funny. Being politicians, they may even be able to say it with straight faces. Organizers tell us this is a private affair, so C-notes and its beer nuts are not invited. But if you’ve got $500, you can get in the door. For a thousand, you can have your picture taken with the pols. And who knows, maybe Franken will even tell a few Rush Limbaugh jokes. — Lisa Rab


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