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This displeased reader named Hagan seems to be responding to this column, and this article, both of which, in an astonishing coincidence, involve another man named Hagan.

from Matt Hagan
date Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 4:54 PM
subject You know what is a crime?

Libel. Tim Hagan has been convicted (indicted, accused) of what? He stands to personally gain how? You are such an arrogant fuck.

You're lucky very few people read your shit. If I enjoyed fucking people up, I would fuck you up. Is that a crime? Or a threat? Nope. Arrogant prick. Your hockey pic indicates you are more of a pussy type than an enforcer, so I would really, really enjoy encountering you after you used some "fighting words."

If you work for the Scene, are you a journalist, or just a pussy sensationalist?

You and your boy Harkins let very little stand in the way of your agendas and petty grudges, that much is clear. Your libelous BS and personal family attacks (now allied by the adored and similarly failing PD) make me sick. Be a man and report, rather than slander to increase the circulation of your hooker ads.

The rest of the Hagan clan must be very proud.

UPDATE: Mr. Hagan wasn't done. After I pointed out that he's one to talk about personal attacks, he sent this:


EXACTLY. Personal. Underscore precisely how vitriolic your rants are coming across as. You lie about my uncle and call him an arrogant prick, and I'm gonna get in your face, and tell you exactly what I'd like to do to you, were I so inclined to do those types of things, but I'm not.

I answer to the same god you do, so I'm not worried about any damnation coming on me for rightfully calling you a pussy with an axe to grind. Good day.

Note that in none of this does Mr. Hagan take issue with assertions of fact. So here's what he seems to be arguing: That public officials (at least those also named Hagan) can do and say whatever they like, and if anyone calls them on their style or substance, those officials and their supporters are within their rights to shout the dissenters down with claims of bias and "personal attacks," and by making thinly veiled threats of physical violence. Do I have that right? Or am I just a pussy whose ass you'd kick if you kicked asses, but you don't, but you would really really like to?

Arrogant prick.


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