John Farina, writing in Spangle on why he and his partner will register for Cleveland's domestic partner registry:

I met Adam Tully online in the summer of 2006. I stumbled across him in what was a personally trying year. Among other things, I had found out I was HIV-positive in the spring. Along comes Adam. Bright and cheerful, smiling and cute, and just what I needed in my life. I didn’t expect that it would turn into more than a few dates, but things just kept building. Before long he was moving in and we were looking for a new place of our own. Two cats later, we’re still going strong.

Why is this relevant? Well, isn’t this the way most relationships begin? Maybe not the exact same circumstances, but our experience is universal: the idea that many people are out there — gay or straight — looking for that certain someone who makes them happy and that they decide is worth committing to.

Read the whole thing here.

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