7f0e/1246829345-denerll.jpgPerennial (losing) candidate Norbert Dennerl, once a Cleveland councilman back when greasers were an urban threat, pulled petitions a few months back to run in the Democratic primaries against Mayor Frank Jackson and Council president Marty Sweeney in West Park’s freshly gerrymandered Ward 19.

He couldn’t raise the 3,000 signatures needed to give Jackson a good laugh, but he’s got the 200 needed to give West Part citizens some good local theater until fall. He filed the petitions to face Sweeney on Wednesday.

Dennerl vows: “I’m interested in running an aggressive campaign, and I hope it’s a good one.” Where should he begin? (A little fundraising wouldn’t hurt, though Dennerl says he doesn’t roll like that.) — Dan Harkins

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