Early Tuesday evening, the Attic thrift shop on Lakewood’s 11000 block caught fire. The store’s contents were incinerated, but the neighboring night clubs were not destroyed (contrary to previous reports from the Plain Dealer).

917a/1247669190-phantasy1.jpgPhantasy’s fine,” says Michele De Frasia, who manages of block’s three clubs. “[Phantasy] Theater is fine. Symposium is fine. Chamber has some smoke damage, but that’s it.”

De Frasia’s father, John, owns the complex.

Billy Morris rents a storefront between the Phantasy and Symposium night clubs, all of which are several doors down from the Attic. Morris toured the entire complex after firefighters left last night. He says the clubs are physically intact, none of the gear from his studio was damaged, and the power supply remained uninterrupted during the episode.

Tuesday morning, printing business PS Graphics on the block was open. An employee at the neighboring Maria’s restaurant said the businesses was untouched and planned to open at the usual time this morning.

“The only thing that was gutted was the [Attic] storefront,” says Morris. [The fire] looked pretty badass. There was smoke everywhere. But the Phantasy is fine.”

De Frasia says she, employees, and friends will spend the rest of the week cleaning, then open the Phantasy and Symposium this weekend if Lakewood inspectors approve. Keep reading for further developments. — D.X. Ferris

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