Akron Robber Focuses on Dough, Crispy Chicken Skin



Some capers should be easier to crack than others, and this robbing spree in Akron falls distinctly under that category.

A 300-pound man wanted for a string of armed robberies has hit a few more joints this week, logging three heists in a mere 12 hours. Now, narrow down the search by the fact that you're looking for a 300-pound man, and further whittle the focus down after realizing that of his targets, three have been a Kentucky Fried Chicken and two Church's chicken. If it wasn't apparent from his girth, now you know that the man not only digs money, but digs his fried poultry.

If Akron police aren't staking out Popeye's and every other fried chicken join in the city, they're not doing their jobs. — Vince Grzegorek

(via ABJ)

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