The PD reports that Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich is bringing Fox News host Sean Hannity to Northeast Ohio for a fundraiser. We'd need days to cite everything that's wrong with this, so we'll just focus on the latest round of nastiness from that fat-headed schifoso Hannity.

Aping Glenn Beck, Hannity is on a crusade to bring down Kevin Jennings, head of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, over the demonstrably false claim that Jennings once failed to report a case of statutory rape — in 1988. And as is so often the case with rightwing blowhards, Hannity is not only wrong, he's engaging in hypocrisy of the highest order: In ’06, Hannity aggressively defended then House Speaker Dennis Hastert, a Republican, when it became clear that he'd long known about Congressman Mark Foley's inappropriate behavior with an aide. Video from

Frank Lewis

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