Sean Hannity was in Northeast Ohio recently for a high-dollar fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich, whose fundraising lags far behind Governor Ted Strickland’s. (You may have noticed us spotlighting some of Hannity's greatest hits).

Apparently, the Ohio Democratic Party was doing the same thing, and delicate little Sean didn’t like it one single bit, nosiree. So he took to the airwaves and did what offended righties always do: demanded an apology for what he called “stupid” and “humorless” smears.

Luckily, Democrats aren’t falling for this trick so often anymore (Thank you, unapologetic healthcare reform supporter Congressman Alan Grayson for showing how an “apology” should be done: "I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven't voted sooner to end this holocaust in America." Video below.)

We suspect that Hannity's fat head exploded when he caught wind of ODP executive director Doug Kelly’s statement:

The Ohio Democratic Party is indeed sorry that Sean Hannity is such a thin-skinned, tea-bagging blowhard who cares more about pumping up his ratings than helping pull America out of the ditch that he, John Kasich, and their fellow-right wingers drove our country into.

Tea-bagging! Ha! Suck on that, Sean. — Anastasia Pantsios & Frank Lewis

Incidentally, Grayson's comeback reminded us of this classic scene from The West Wing. Aaron Sorkin felt the winds changing years before the rest of us.

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