Republican Party of Medina County: "Let's take Betty Sutton out of the House and put her back in the kitchen."


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Cue fake Kevin Eubanks laughter.
  • Cue fake Kevin Eubanks laughter.

Tis the season for incendiary and controversial campaign mailer fun. This controversial line comes from one mailed out by the Republican Party of Medina County.

Sutton supporters, women across the state, and even the occasional domestically-inclined male had a bit of a problem with the notion a highly successful female politician should be ushered from her perch and back to the stove where she should just focus on baking everyone pies. Understandable.

Medina County GOP head Bill Heck tried to explain that this is really all just one big misunderstanding. Just because the GOP invoked a decades-old and backasswards view of a woman's place in society, it's nothing to get upset about.

"I'm not sure that it was intended — in fact I'm positive that it was not in intended to be sexist. In fact, it was speaking to the people of that district, and not intended to be a sexist comment."

"I mean, I have a wife that was elected twice to county office, and once was a judge. I've got two daughters. It was not authored by me, but it was published by the Republican Party of Medina County. We are just trying to get the attention of the voters. It is rhetoric that I think is very common in all elections, of sending people somewhere — either to the House or back from the House. And we certainly apologize for any offense that anyone would take from this."

Just so we're clear, Heck's defense is: 1: He has a wife and daughters (Stephen Colbert's black friend vouches for this defense) and, 2: Sexist notions are permitted and considered not sexist because sexism is still rampant in campaigning.

That's some logic.

Betty Sutton's response

"Women play a vital role in every facet of this great nation from nurturing our children, caring for their families and aging parents, managing households to managing small businesses, protecting our communities and nation, and everything in between...The statement in the mailer devalues the tremendous breadth of talents of women and girls, be they Republicans, Independents, Democrats or none of the above."


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