Group of Party Poopers Coming to Poop On Your Casino-Related Excitement



But, but, but... addictions look so fun!
  • But, but, but... addictions look so fun!

Plenty of folks worry about a litany of societal plagues that casinos can bring to town. Crime, poverty, E. Coli-laced buffets, and mullets are just a few of their grave concerns.

Gambling addictions are another. So before the doors open to the shiny new behemoths of temptation and sin and 8:00 a.m. blackjack before work, expect campaigns from those organizations worried that you might be that guy who sells a kidney so you can head back to the craps table.

The National Center for Responsible Gaming will be spreading the good word in Cleveland sometime during July, which, incidentally, might compete with Scene's unofficial gambling conference being held the same month. (Possible lecture topics: Craps— Your Ticket to Early Retirement, Which Scrap Metals Are Worth the Most, Where to Sell Scrap Metal, and How to Steal Scrap Metal From Your Neighbor's House Without Being Caught.)

The NCRG's message is a little different.

The National Center for Responsible Gaming will visit Cleveland in July to promote research, treatment and prevention of gambling addictions in Ohio.

The nonprofit group chose Ohio for its fourth annual Road Tour because state voters last year approved building casinos in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo and Cincinnati. The Cleveland casino might break ground this year and open in 2013.

It's important to have a strong system in place to deal with addictions before the casinos arrive and to educate community leaders about the research that already has been conducted, spokeswoman Veronica Brown said.

The center plans to meet with policymakers, researchers, treatment agencies and other stakeholders.

Organizers are excited because the first clinical treatment center for gambling addictions opened in 1972 at the Veterans Affairs facility in Brecksville.

"We're really coming full circle," said Christine Reilly, executive director of the Institute for Research on Gambling Disorders in Beverly, Mass.

Of course, despite all previous glibness, if you have a problem, here's a link to somewhere you can get help. And, once again, if you want to learn how to steal scrap metal to fund your gambling problem, stay tuned.

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