420 on 5/1 in the 216



She has on enough flair.
  • She has on enough flair.

Every year around this time, Laura Kosa-Thomas, a thirtysomething stoner from Lorain, emerges from smoke-filled obscurity to promote the Cleveland Weed March, an annual cannabis fiesta that mirrors similar events in other cities around the world.

She calls on Scene to promote her event because, as she puts it, the paper’s readers “know how to party” — a pitch as solid as any we’ve heard.

So here goes: The Cleveland Weed March takes place on Public Square this Saturday, May 1, at “high” noon.  Festivities will include a march around the Justice Center and a “Weed Olympics” featuring feats of endurance like the bong relay.

According to Kosa-Thomas, the event is all about enjoyment and not the politics of pot.  “Live your life the way God wants you to live,” she says, delightfully stoned out of her soul.  “Nobody is walking in your shoes.  So if you got it, smoke it, bitches.”

And if you don’t got it, she promises to have "a little something special” to share come Saturday.
The friendly officers look forward to seeing you. — Damian Guevara


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