We're Number One: Ohioans Most Interested in Cheating on Their Spouses



OMG! They dont even know Im standing here. How rude.
  • OMG! They don't even know I'm standing here. How rude.

AshleyMadison.com, the virtual extension of the out-of-town hotel bar, serves one purpose and one purpose only: to help you find people to cheat on your significant other with. It's a multi-million dollar company because, as it turns out, lots of people desire to act in such dishonorable ways.

With worldwide reach, AshleyMadison.com services a global audience of philanderers, but in a recent article, there is one state where demand and growth has outpaced all others, even Canada, where AshleyMadison.com is headquartered.

That's right, Ohio. Congrats, fellow citizens, turns out the Buckeye State is a huge fan of the strange. WTVG talked with Noel Biderman, AshleyMadison.com founder and CEO:

"There has never been a better place for us anywhere within Canada, the U.S., or any of those other countries that I mentioned, than Ohio."

Ohio is neck and neck with Texas as the fastest growing market for Ashley Madison, even with limited advertising. Michigan racks up 142,973 users. Ohio has 176,524.

"They probably either married the wrong person or they shouldn't have been married in the first place."

So, to update the potential license plate slogan file again: Ohio — Where Your Cheating Spouse Is Most Likely Looking for Strange and Giving You Herpes

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