Lori Ann Dyke and Michael Dolan — Papering Tigers



Writes pamphlets when not practicing calligraphy.
  • Writes pamphlets when not practicing calligraphy.

Like Cavalier players in the postseason, most voters sit out the primary elections. That leaves a relatively meager contingent of dedicated partisans who are often swayed by the endorsements of party organizations. It’s why candidates have been known to claim they’re endorsed when they aren’t.

But nobody is quite sure who’s behind the extra fliers that turned up in boxes along with the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party’s official list of recommendations, which was to be distributed at polls by volunteers on Election Day earlier this month.

Collated along with the recommendations were fliers promoting judicial candidates Lori Ann Dyke and Michael Dolan. The only problem: Neither had been endorsed by the party — in fact, the party hadn’t endorsed anyone in those multiple-candidate races.

The glitch was discovered when party officials went to pick up the ballots at Qwestcom Graphics, the Independence company owned by Tom Day, who is deeply embedded in Democratic political circles. The faulty boxes were destroyed, and the material was reprinted.

Dyke and Dolan paid for their own fliers, so it seems they weren’t trying to get a free ride on the party’s dime. But the collating culprit remains a mystery. Was it simple confusion by a Qwestcom employee or a nefarious plot by a well-placed insider? You can be the judge, though Dyke and Dolan can’t: Both were defeated at the polls.

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