What to Leave Out of an Ethics Policy


  • Whoopsies...
Keith Headen, disgraced Cuyahoga County Board of Revisions member, apparently was not too concerned with practicing what he preached.

The 52-year-old chairman of the county administration subcommittee in charge of making revisions to property values was recently was busted trying to lower the monetary figure of a Mayfield Heights townhouse on paper most likely so new taxes would not be imposed. The trustee of the trust that owns the property claims not to know Headen, but the incident has led to a probe that has thus far resulted in more than two dozen county officials and contractors pleading guilty to offenses relating to corruption in county projects.

And until being deposed yesterday, Headen had been in charge of writing a new ethics policy for the board.

County Administrator James McCafferty called the situation "ironic," but it would seem more fitting to say this was just plain ol' stupid. Headen resigned his position yesterday.


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