Man Locks Woman in Attic, Attic Gets Really Hot



There is only so much fun you can have in an attic
  • There is only so much fun you can have in an attic

The attic. Used for storing things like old couches, dusty bed springs and of course, older women.

Cincinnati resident Shawn Lloyd has been accused of locking a 59-year-old women in the attic of her home for three straight days. And while hanging out in the attic can be fun from time to time, temperatures hit the 90s during the period this woman, Mary Daniels, was cooped up in the top of her home, and the city was under a "heat emergency." Meaning Daniels' attic must have felt worse than a steam room.

Daniels was heard yelling "IT'S REALLY HOT UP HERE, HELP!" and was subsequently found and treated for dehydration. No motive has been found yet as to why Lloyd decided to lock the poor woman up there. Daniels should probably think about installing an air conditioner in her attic, though.

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