Morning Brew: Little Italy Fireworks, Chasing Down a Criminal, Tobacco Money, and Jim Traficant



Jim Traficants response to a Nice hair compliment.
  • Jim Traficant's response to a "Nice hair" compliment.

Good morning, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you wait anxiously for the tall ships.

— Jim Traficant hoped to get enough signatures on a petition to make it on the ballot to return to Congress. Seven years in prison and convictions on various corruption charges shouldn't discourage voters from giving him a second chance, should it? Unfortunately, he came up 107 signatures short in Trumbull county. Traficant supporters are expected to hit up local toupee shops to make up the difference. (AP)

— Ohio used about $230 million dollars in tobacco lawsuit money to expand child healthcare and other things not related to smoking. Anti-smoking groups took the state to court. The Ohio Supreme Court is now hearing the case. Some are still adamant the $230 million should have been used to buy two packs of cigarettes for every smoker in the state. (

— The well-known tradition of illegal fireworks on Mayfield Rd. in Little Italy on July 4th became well-known to police this year. After receiving complaints from residents of the neighborhood, cops blocked off Mayfield and shut down the festivities. Or, they could have just been securing access to their favorite pastry shops. (Fox 8)

— If you witness a hit-and-run accident involving a man on a scooter, you C) Follow the driver and provide turn-by-turn updates to the cops and then block the door when he tries to escape on foot. (Fox 8)

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