Northeast Ohioans Are Moving West... Very West



If only North Ridgeville had a song like Parma State of Mind...
  • If only North Ridgeville had a song like "Parma State of Mind"...

Recent census numbers show plenty of people are moving out of Cleveland, but where are they moving to?

Rich Exner of the Plain Dealer reports that the three fastest growing locales in Northeast Ohio are far out west, confirming that Cleveland just can't get enough of suburban sprawl. A cookie-cutter Ryan home on every corner, we say!

Three Lorain County cities bordering Cuyahoga County — North Ridgeville, Avon Lake and Avon — are the fastest growing cities in Greater Cleveland.

The Census Bureau recently released updated population estimates for each city in the country.

From 2000 through 2009, North Ridgeville grew by 6,342 residents. Avon Lake grew by 5,983 and Avon grew by 5,810, the estimates show.

The top cities in the area for percentage growth were Avon, which grew by 50 percent, Kirtland Hills, which grew by 34 percent to 801, and Avon Lake, which grew by 33 percent.

With any luck, traffic on I-90 in those areas will reach epidemic levels soon, like the hellacious mess of steel and fumes that is I-480 between I-71 and I-271. Then we'll all move further out again until Toledo becomes an official suburb of Cleveland.

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