Welcome Apama, The Next Cleveland-Born Superhero



On his way to Miami to beat down LeBron James...
  • On his way to Miami to beat down LeBron James...

As if Cleveland didn't have enough villains, it's probably gaining one more tonight in LeBron James. The Chosen One will probably form a dynamic trio with Jimmy Dimora and Art Modell.

Who is left to fight for all that's good and honorable in the city? Well, there's Josh Cribbs, but he can only do so much.

We need a real superhero. Thankfully, Ted Sikora, the wonderfully gifted mind behind Hero Tomorrow, a quirky and endearing film about a couple of normal schmucks turned superheros, is bringing one just in time.

Welcome Apama, the guise/alter-ego/whatever from the movie. The press release explains:

This is the book inside our main character's head that he would have published before deciding to become the character himself.

I'm pretty sure that besides Howard the Duck and LeBron James this is Cleveland's first Super-Hero. I included a preview link if you would like to check it out. We'd love to do something with Scene. I've got tons of kick ass artwork. This is being illustrated by Benito Gallego from Spain. I've been taking pix of Cleveland as references for him.

While the full comic isn't available yet, this link will give you a hearty preview of all the superhero-y action.

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