Mentor One of America's Top 100 Small Cities



Hopefully one day Mentor can put Cleveland on the map.
  • Hopefully one day Mentor can put Cleveland on the map.

As the greater Northeast Ohio region recovers from getting kicked in the collective nuts by LeBron James, it's nice to hear good news about our towns and cities. Money just released its list of the top 100 small cities in America and Mentor came in at No. 37. Finally, some unadulterated praise.

Here's all the nice things the mag had to say:

There's a lot to do in Mentor, from boating on Lake Erie to enjoying the hiking trails on 500 acres of natural reserve.

While just a half-hour away from Cleveland, Mentor doesn't rely on a big neighboring city to fuel its economy. (Given the struggles that Cleveland is going through, that's a good thing.)

With a strong corporate and biotech presence mixed with a number of manufacturing companies, Mentor has weathered the financial downturn better than many towns in the area.

Um, so, congrats to Mentor for sucking less than other cities around Cleveland? Wow, don't you feel better already?

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